When it's hot, I like to take a nap in the afternoon

Working from home can be a lot of fun.

I pretty much get to work our own schedule, however as long as I get our work done for the day, it does not matter if I beginning at 8 or 10.

This is seriously helpful when scheduling appointments for the medical professional & the pharmacy. The only time I don’t care for laboring at home is when the hot & cold temperatures are seriously tepid & humid. I don’t have a truly relaxing air conditioner unit in our home. It barely cools the home when the hot & cold temperatures are above 90 degrees. I tried to work last weekend when it was 95 degrees outside. I got truly sleepy & sleepy as soon as the humidity started to sink in. I laid down on the couch under the AC vent. I pointed each one of the blades in our direction. I fell asleep rather hastily & slept for more than one minutes. I woke up feeling truly refreshed. It was still pretty tepid outside, but I didn’t mind the hot & cold temperatures after a nap in the cold AC, however now I have become accustomed to taking an afternoon nap whenever the hot & cold temperatures are too hot. I also bought a small portable air conditioner unit. I put the small portable air conditioner unit in our family room. The unit really removes all of the excess heat & humidity from the family room area. The room is the coldest arena in the house. Taking a nap in that room is like being inside of a walk-in refrigerator. It’s truly cool & comfortable & I even need a blanket when it’s 100 degrees outside.


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