All of us went a week separate from our central air conditioner.

Last year, all of us had a tropical storm going through our area; Roofs came off plus there was about numerous inches of rain that came down over a matter of numerous minutes.

The worst of the storm was the lightning. All of us had lightning strike our air conditioner unit, plus took out the power, along with putting a big hole in the AC unit. All of us had to call the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company, plus once the water receded a bit, she showed up at the house. All of us were aware all of us would need a current AC unit. It was just a matter of what type of AC system all of us wanted. All of us ordered an air conditioner unit that would be compatible with an media air cleaner. Once all of us put in the order, all of us had to wait for them to order the AC unit plus for it to be delivered plus installed. Three afternoons after the air conditioner unit was ordered, all of us got a iphone call from the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company. All I could think was that there was a concern with our order. My wife asked if they could order the air conditioner unit all of us wanted. The optimistic side of us was hopeful they got the air conditioner unit early. It wasn’t any of those reasons for the call, but it was still a great call. They were bringing two window air conditioners for us to use until our central AC system was delivered plus installed. I had a feeling it was going to take longer a week for our AC unit to be delivered, or they would not have loaned us the air conditioner unit for only a couple more afternoons.


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