Are you sure you don’t have something used?

Living in the south, air has become a necessity.

If all of us need to go for more than a couple minutes, all of us turn into whining babies who aren’t getting enough attention.

That being said, when our air conditioner unit broke, I was legitimately aggravated. I didn’t want to go separate from air conditioner while in this weather, however I could not afford to pay the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning worker. I wanted to wait a couple of afternoons until I got paid, however I was already overdue on our cell iphone plus our power bill. I would need to put the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company off for a couple more weeks. As the week progressed, the temperatures climbed, plus I was sweltering. I didn’t think if I could handle another full week separate from air conditioner. I called the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning company plus asked if they could check the air conditioner unit for me. I knew I was broke plus unable to pay. I also knew I would evidently lie plus let him think she was going to get paid. When she showed up, it was even worse than I thought it would be. She said I needed a current air conditioner unit. She started giving me information on sales, plus I stopped him. I admitted to getting him here under false pretenses. I explained how I could not pay for repairs, plus there was no way I could afford a current air conditioner unit. After I calmed down enough to hear what she was saying, I understood she was offering to ‌get me on a payment method for the air conditioner unit.



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