Give me a window air conditioning unit.

For years, I had central air conditioning, and I cursed it all the time.

Some parts of the house were always cooler than others.

I would have liked to have my bedroom and sitting room cooler, but no matter where I set the thermostat, it never happened. The ductwork was always throwing dirt into the air, and it frustrated me. When the air conditioning unit quit working, I refused to have it repaired. I was tired of the dust from the ductwork, and I was tired of uneven air conditioning. I was going to have window air conditioning units installed. The HVAC technician told me ‌I was still going to be dealing with ductwork because I still had the furnace. I knew my furnace was old. I wanted to find another way to both heat and cool my home, while not needing to use the ductwork. The HVAC technician told me about the ductless HVAC system. He told me how I could have an individual unit in each room, and each would have its own thermostat. I would no longer need to worry about drafty and overly warm rooms. When he said it provided both heat and air conditioning; I told him to order it. The HVAC technician was laughing when he asked if I wanted to discuss price and size, but I waved him off. All I wanted was the bottom line, and he better make sure it was every bit as good as he promised, or window air conditioning units and space heaters would replace it.

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