Did you see that new HVAC technician? (He’s a girl)

It amazes me how many people think it is strange to see a female HVAC technician.

Last week, I had was just finishing up on an air conditioning unit and the owner of the house came out.

I heard him talking to someone as he peered around the corner. That’s when I heard him mutter, “Did you see that new HVAC technician? He’s really a girl.” I had to chuckle. There was nothing to hide that I was a woman, since I had long hair pulled up in a ponytail, and I didn’t have a single feature that could be hidden or disguised as a man. Other than the uniform I wore, I was all female. I came over and smiled at the owner and asked if he would like to sit down and discuss what I had found in the inspection. He asked me to sit down at the picnic table with him, and his friend followed. The two of them turned into four as their wives joined us. When the owner of the AC unit went into the house to get his checkbook, his wife started talking to me. She wanted to know why I became an HVAC technician. I explained ‌it was the family business, and it seemed natural to join the company. I also told her that my husband was an HVAC technician. She said it was good to see a woman doing jobs she could have never had when she was my age. Being proud to be an HVAC technician, I agreed with her and said that we have made a lot of progress.


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