My brand new shirt got a huge hole

My boss got new uniforms for everyone in the company.

I really needed new uniform shirts. Mine were all covered with stains and holes. When you work outside in the construction field, you sweat a lot during the summer. That’s what causes major stains on all of my shirts. I was ecstatic when I found out that the boss ordered new uniforms for everyone. My shirts came to the HVAC business last Friday. I took every one of the shirts home and washed them with my favorite detergent and fabric softener. I had a brand new shirt on Monday morning. Everyone in the office was wearing their new church and we looked like a brand new crew of HVAC repair technicians. One of the jobs that I had to complete on Monday was a ductwork repair. The ductwork had a few holes and there were two areas where the sheet metal needed to be replaced. While I was working on the ductwork repairs, my new shirt got a hole. One of the pieces of metal sliced right through my shirt. If I had not been wearing the shirt, I probably would have ended up in the emergency room with a very severe cut on my chest. I left the job after that shirt was cut open. I had a pretty nasty gash on my chest. It was bleeding through the hole in my shirt. I decided to go back to the office instead of going directly to the emergency room. The HVAC business office was closer and I was losing a lot of blood minute by minute.

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