We realize all the area a/c corporations are backed up

It’s almost summer in the south here and we realize all the area a/c corporations are all backed up for months it seems like.

We wanted to get our a/c inspected next week and they told us that this wasn’t possible for 3 more weeks just to provide us an estimate.

We think all of the local a/c companies are backed up due to the few workers compared to the number of new houses built in the past few years. The real estate in this city has gone through the roof over the past decade. More people want to move down here and retire. We call this locale Wrinkle City because of all of the older folks buying homes and all of the suntanners on the beaches. Our a/c worker pals told us that they have never had this much of a backlog of tasks in their decades working in the HVAC industry. That seems like a great thing, but for us, we’d rather work part time and have more free time to do the fun things in life. We’ve worked in the Heating & A/C industry for 30 years years and at the moment we get to enjoy a little of the fruits of our labor with more free leisure time. We do work, but only for 15 hours a week. We don’t have to worry about driving a car anymore as we now live in a small coastal neighborhood overseas. We’re just here for 15 days to try and get some Heating & A/C maintenance done on our dad’s house.

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