I always just call our plumber Jill to do the repairs

It turns out that plumbers do not fix dishwashers

Last week, I phoned mom and she said that she was out with dad at some shop. From past experience, I thought they were buying food or clothes. However when I asked, mom said they were at a major hardware store in the shopping center. I was taken aback that mom tagged along to that store with my dad because he is known to spend hours walking around the isles enjoying himself. It’s his favorite store because of all the lake house improvement products he can find. Upon speaking further with mom, she told me that dad had stopped there to purchase a section to fix the faucet in the master bathroom. Now, I know dad to be a good repair person, but I haven’t heard him fixing anything that a plumber should be handling. This made me think that fixing a leak must be easy. I’ve had leaks in my lake house before and I have always just called my plumber Jill. She always gets the job done. Sporadically, I get confused about what a plumber can do. For example, when my garbage disposal needed fixing, I wasn’t sure if I needed a handyman or a plumber. Dad was the one who told me that it was best to get a plumber to fix that. However, when my dishwasher had issues last year, I thought I needed a plumber. It turns out that plumbers do not fix dishwashers. Plumbers fix mostly leaks, and I was glad they also fix problems with the water heater. So, if my unit ever goes out, at least I’ll call Jill.


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