She had never had her fixing anything that a plumber could do

Mandy called her uncle and he told her that he was out with her aunt.

Mandy’s first thought they went to the farmers market or some craft store.

But when she asked, her uncle said they were at a major hardware store in their area. Mandy was certainly surprised that her uncle tagged along to that store with her aunt because she has a tendency to not want to leave. This is her aunt’s favorite store because of all the lake house improvement products stocked in it. Well, after speaking for several minutes, Mandy found out that her aunt was there to buy a part to fix the faucet in the kitchen. Now, Mandy knows her aunt to be pretty handy, but she has not heard her fixing anything that a plumber should be handling. Maybe fixing a leak is simpler than she thinks it is. Mandy has had leaks in her lake house before and she always just called her plumber Joel and he always takes care of them. Sometimes, she gets confused about what a plumber fixes. Mandy recalls when her garbage disposal broke, she wasn’t sure if she needed a handyman or a plumber. After a brief conversation with her aunt, she told her that it was best to get a plumber to fix that. But when her dishwasher stopped working a few years ago, she thought she should call a plumber. But it turns out that plumbers do not fix dishwashers. Usually, plumbers fix mostly leaks. However, it was wonderful to find out that they also fixed concerns with the water heater. Therefore, if Mandy’s water heating system ever goes out, at least she knows the right person for the jobl.


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