The benefits of hitting the gym

The key to getting into shape is discipline. There are a thousand different approaches to use, but whichever one works best for you, it won’t help at all if you don’t have discipline. Too many people want instant results, and when they don’t get what they want right away they quit. The key to success is not quitting. It is never easy to lose weight, it takes more time and effort than you think it should, but you have to stick with it. Without the self-discipline to stick to a workout routine, no amount of yoga or weight lifting or jogging is going to work for you. Thankfully I found a cure for my lack of discipline, in the form of a very hot and incredibly demanding girlfriend named Sara who is also a personal trainer. Sara takes her health and wellness seriously, and wants me to take it seriously, too. Ordinarily I might find this off-putting, but there are two reasons that I appreciate her mindset. First, I have been needing to hit the gym for a while now, and she gives me the incentive to go. Second, I sort of have a thing for bossy girls, especially when they are a hot personal trainer like Sara is! Thanks to Sara I have been training at the gym three days a week, and taking yoga classes at the studio two times a week. I have never felt better, physically or mentally, and our love life is off the charts! If I knew working out would lead to all of this I would have hit the gym long ago

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