My journey to being a certified a/c professional

Periodically when we are young, we barely take things seriously, and we suppose we have all the time.

When I started studying about the Heating and A/C business, I blew off training more than a couple of times.

One day I sat through a lecture about an Heating and A/C service plan, half asleep because I had a terrible hangover. The senior a/c rep asked myself and others about the steps taken during an Heating and A/C tune-up, and I started whining about installing a thermostat. That day I was lucky not to have been thrown out of class, however later that week, the same a/c professional called myself and others to the office. She was straight up with me, and he told myself and others that if I did not take what I was studying, I would be better off investing our energy in something romantic because I was wasting precious time. All of us did not talk much, however the little we spoke of stuck with me, and I realized if I was going to bother showing up for class might have as well made the best of it. All of us l gained about weird cooling products, even though I decided to specialize in geo heat pumps. I was the a single in charge of changing the HEPA filter at home. I took it upon myself to teach our neighbors, an elderly couple, how to clean their washable filter, showed them a easy a/c care routine, and provided them energy-saving tips. I knew them from when I was little, and they were more appreciate our Grandparents. Even after being a certified cooling workman, I still tested their a/c proposal for free. During their renovation project, I installed our first whole-home air purification proposal in our parents’ home.


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