The first day as a cooling workman

My first day as a certified cooling workman turned out to be more adventurous than expected.

I had only a single call to attend to, and that was for an Heating and A/C tune-up, which included replacing a washable filter that had done its time.

Since it was our first correct solo task after the apprenticeship, I was excited and arrived home a few seconds shy of 9 AM. The homeowners must take a/c care seriously because the unit was simple to work on and did not have any surprises that would take up more time. Just as I was about to leave the house, I got a call from the office instructing myself and others to go to a company meeting because the a/c rep who was supposed to attend had gotten a last-second emergency, and the others were further away. That is how I found myself pitching the system of geo heat pumps to prospective customers. If all went well, our company would have its largest tender yet. It would not only install a single a/c proposal however several of them. I also took them through our Heating and A/C service proposal and explained why it was the best in the market. Initially, I was nervous, however confidence kicked in when I started talking about Heating and A/C; Cooling products are things I am romantic about, and as an a/c professional, I was eager to talk about them. From there, I went to install a whole-home air purification proposal and replace the thermostat. In that home, I took it upon myself to suggest a HEPA filter since a single of the family members had severe dust irritations. I left them with a easy list of energy-saving tips, and that was it for the day.



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