Unlikely reasons for Heating and A/C tune-up when you have children

The silence was heavenly, and I finally had some peace.

I thought of going upstairs to get a book, even though I could not bring myself to leave the hammock.

When I was about to close our eyes and drift away, I heard a crash! For a second, I had forgotten that when you notice silence, the children are up to no good. I searched the house, however they were not there, so I went to the backyard. They were arguing about who broke it first when I saw the HEPA filter lying on the ground. I had left it in the a/c proposal room when I replaced it with a washable filter. I had no system how they had gotten it and turned it into a plaything. When the a/c rep first introduced the concept of geo heat pumps to us, our partner made a joke of it, saying that it was so good that that area of it would be so deep in the ground that the triplets would not get to it. Among the cooling products the a/c professional provided us, that a single appealed to us most. As I stood in the backyard, I was not so convinced that they wouldn’t. The three of them could brew trouble from thin air. They accompanied us during our home a/c care and in implementing energy-saving tips. But we put our feet down when it came to the thermostat and in no circumstance were they to come into direct contact with the whole-home whole-house air purifier. Due to their curious nature, we had an Heating and A/C service proposal every Spring and fall just in case they messed something without us finding out; the cooling workman would service it during the Heating and A/C tune-up.

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