My dad has a bunker

My dad has been building a bunker however he’s still trying to figure out what to do about the Heating and A/C system, but i know he’s going to end up getting something called a ductless mini split heating plus cooling plan to put in there however he’s still on the fence about it, my dad is always trying to prepare for the next huge disaster, plus so he’s always toiling on his bunker out in the backyard behind his house… He’s been toiling on this bunker for years now, plus I assume now he’s finally gotten to the point where it’s time to know about the heating plus cooling system.

I don’t believe anything about heating plus cooling systems at all, plus so I told him that he should just call up one of the local Heating and A/C companies to come out plus give him some advice about it.

I assume he made an appointment with one of the local companies plus they are supposed to be coming out later on this week to give him an estimate. My dad told me that he had done a little bit of research about strange kinds of heating plus cooling systems plus that he had figured out that the best one for his bunker plan looked like it would be a ductless mini split. I don’t believe if that’s tploy or not, because it seems like a bunker would undoubtedly need some sort of a HVAC duct plan since it’s undoubtedly under the ground! I assume we’ll just have to wait plus see what the Heating and A/C serviceman says about it.