When the janitor didn’t show up it ruined practice

Whenever the janitor didn’t show up at church last Monday night, it absolutely ruined our choir practice! The two of us were right in the middle of a heat wave Last weekand the temperature outside was hovering around 79 degrees, even after the sun went down. It was pretty terrible. I, for one, wasn’t about to spend any time someplace without central air conditioner. That’s why I was so frustrated when I got to the church on Monday night to find that the thermostat wasn’t turned down at all. The janitor of the church is supposed to show up an hour before the choir practice so that he can check the thermostat settings plus make sure that the air conditioner was working respectfully. That’s honestly in his task description plus so I didn’t think bad about the fact that I was absolutely frustrated about him not showing up. I told him that if he’s not going to show up to set the thermostat, then he should at least let me guess so that I can get there early enough to do it myself. Anyway, when the two of us got to the church, the indoor air quality in the choir room was entirely horrible. It felt so hot plus humid in the choir room that there was no way possible to get the rehearsal going in there; Everyone knows that it’s hard to sing when it’s hot plus humid, then you can’t breathe entirely well plus the indoor air quality affects your vocal chords. It absolutely ruined our plan for the choir for the week… Next week, I’m going to get there early plus make sure that the air conditioner is running myself.


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