My former student fixed my A/C for free

I used to teach classes at the local technical school here in town and I got to know a whole lot of people! There were a whole lot of young adults coming in and out through the different classes there at the technical school, and I was there for about ten years.

In other words, I met hundreds and hundreds of people as they went through different classes like plumbing, construction, and heating and air conditioning.

I loved watching people come through and become certified on things like plumbing and heating and cooling! It’s nice to see them become confident in the different areas that they are studying. Anyway, I was happy to work there and see people becoming proficient in their chosen areas of study. We churned out all kinds of people who were going to be really great in the different trades that they chose to work in and that was always exciting to me. These days, I am no longer working at the technical school but I still live close by. I run into past students once in a while and the other day I found myself in an interesting situation. My central air conditioning system at my house had gone on the blink and so I called up my local HVAC company to get an appointment to have it fixed. Whenever the HVAC technician showed up at my house, I was shocked to find out that it was one of my former students. When he saw that I was his customer, he ended up fixing my air conditioning system for me for free.


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