My daughter’s insurance did not cover her roof repairs

My daughter Jazz lives about 45 miles away from me.

She wanted to be close enough to house in case she needed anything, but still far enough away where she feels independent! I don’t mind helping her with whatever she needs, after all, she is my daughter… A few years ago, she needed help with her Heating and Air Conditioning system, plus I was able to provide the best solution to her problem.

She doesn’t ask for much, in fact, I know that if she is asking, it means that she really needs the help. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, she had some problems with her roof, plus needed roofing repair service. I made sure that she contacted her insurance company to see what costs they would cover, because her home was over 20-years old plus so was the roof, the insurance refused to cover any costs friendd with roof repair. So basically, Jazz was responsible for the cost herself. I couldn’t argue with the insurance company because after I reviewed the policy, I found the clause that stated the 20 year non-coverage; Well, at that point, both of us began to search for a licensed roof repair business. I wanted to make sure that they were licensed because if any problems came up, the roofing business could be held responsible, and every one of us found a few roofing repair companies near her home plus once both of us selected the right company, they busy an inspection, and once the roofing business provided an estimate, both of us did more research to make sure that both of us were not being overcharged for these roofing repairs. In the end, both of us were satisfied with the repair that both of us gained.

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