I didn’t feel good seeing parents losing their rights

When I made the choice to become a lawyer, I never was looking to be an attorney to acquire a huge sum of money.

I basically wanted to argue for justice for the little guy, but after graduating from school with a law degree, I started toiling as a district attorney.

I was there to argue for the rights of people who had been wronged by brutal criminals! One particular case entirely shook me and I didn’t stop thinking about that case for years. I was in the courtroom to represent the best interests of a child, the parents were accused of neglect. They did not have a lawyer to represent their side of the matter. The judge took the parental rights away from the parents and they never had any chance to even fight. It was at that point that I made the choice to change my field of law. I chose to open up a particular business that was strictly for parents that were seeking custody of their little ones from the state. Most of the time, I offer my services free of charge. There are quite a few funds set aside for these particular cases. I can access these funds as a way of getting paid when my client does not have nearly enough money. I represented a father this past month. He needed a lawyer to argue for her rights when they were taken away. The father had a drug and alcohol complication, even though he was actually clean and sober for years. I felt this guy had more than proven to be rehabilitated and I felt that he certainly deserved to be able to spend time with his young ones unsupervised. I fought really hard for the client and his parental rights.

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