My grandparents were curious about the mini split A/C

My grandma was truly impressed with the indoor air pollen levels in our home, but on the other hand, our grandfather has his sights on the component mounted on the wall, I did not think much of it, and I checked on the food.

  • My grandfather decided he could not hold it much longer during lunch and asked what the unusual unit mounted on the wall was.

I told him that a multi-split air conditioning component was part of the HVAC installation. The expression on his face said that it was really the first time he had ever heard of it. I took the chance to bring him up to speed on all the swings that had taken place in the cooling industry. I was so excited to tell him more about air conditioning, and he was truly receptive. I could not say the same about our grandma, then when we first installed a smart control component in their home, she would have none of it. She wanted an old and analog one that was like the one they had before. She almost stopped the air conditioning worker from installing it. For a whole year, we did not contact that air conditioning company hoping that the time would make sure they forgot that incident. It would have been even worse if we called for their services and the same air conditioning serviceman came. We contacted a different air conditioning provider for their annual HVAC maintenance while in that period, luckily they required no air conditioning repair while in that time. The quality air conditioning held up well. We initially called the same indoor comfort business, however that changed since we were further away from their repair part after we moved.

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