My dad had his roof repaired from an unsolicited roofing dealer

Every year while I was in the Summer, I visit my parents and spend a week at their house, and they live in a small neighborhood about 45 hours outside of a major city, however so, there isn’t a whole lot to do while I am staying with them… While I am there, I do get to see a lot of my family members that I don’t get to see often.

That’s always nice because both of us get to catch up on our lives, but anyway, last Summer, instead of one week, I spent more than one weeks at my parents’ house, but i was laboring from home, so it made it straight-forward, and I was in no rush to get back to my house.

While I was there, my dad mentioned that he had someone from a roofing contractor stop by the condo a few weeks before I got there. I found this unusual because if he didn’t contact his insurance contractor or a roofing company about his roof, why would someone show up at his door unsolicited? To me, this sounded like a door-to-door salesman for a roofing company, and I believe they convinced my dad that he needed his roof fixed, now, according to my dad, he did have a small leak that he was aware of. After I left, the roof got fixed and my dad sounded like he was ecstatic with the task. I am just a bit sad that random salespeople are showing up to my dad’s condo selling him some kind of service. So, I told my dad the next time he should do his research on a roofing or any other company before he agrees to anything.



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