I Feel the Urge to go Jump in the Cold Sea

I normally take a quick dip in the frosty cold sea each afternoon but this week I slept quite late and had to go to another neighborhood to find an antigen test for our flight tomorrow.

I like to do a quick, frosty swim to refresh myself and give myself and others energy to propel myself and others through our afternoons.

My buddy Pat wants to go for a while so the two of us will meet up later and take the quick energizing dip soon. If you have never done it I suggest giving it a try, you’ll be happier and have a lot more energy from doing it correctly. My radiant gas furnace is a great help when I return lake home from the dips because I am so frosty and in need of being warmed up quite hastily. A sizzling bath is the first step in the warm-up process, but having a natural gas furnace in the bathroom helps because it gives it a sauna-like guess and expedites the heating of our cold body. I occasionally stay in the sea a little too long and I get kind of dopey feeling in our frozen brain because the blood is not moving so well. I don’t suggest staying in frosty water for very long, especially if you are new at it. I once took a trip in an ice frosty ambulance after a swim because of hypothermia, and it didn’t help that the ambulance was blasting the air conditioner the entire ride back to the hospital. I’ve gained that you don’t want to swim when in truly frosty seawater but to rest still and conserve your body heat.


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