Time to Change the HEPA Air Filter in our Air Purifier

I will be gone for 2 weeks and am going to clean the HEPA in our whole-home air purifier so that I can leave it running on a timer while I am gone.

My buddy said she would come over and check on my place each week and clean it if it needs it.

I told him to just check the HEPA filter in my whole-home air purifier and maybe also the 1 in the central AC component because I intend to have the fan running on that component each afternoon also. I have a robot vacuum that our buddy can control with a remote control so that the floors don’t get too dusty. It’s amazing how much dust enters a home that is all sealed up with nobody living there. I would like to see a Heating & A/C cable special on how dust accumulates in an empty house. I mainly intend on visiting friends and family while back but may also do a little work here and there to gain a little extra spending money. I have a buddy in the Heating & A/C industry and I am sure she could use an extra helping hand each week when she does her Heating & A/C tune-ups and upgrades. He’s run her own business for twenty years after laboring for myself and others a long time ago. I closed down the Heating & A/C business a long time ago when I decided to pursue sit up comedy full time. That lasted for almost 17 years and now I am doing tunes shows on the streets and in clubs here in the town where I reside.

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