The Weather is Transitioning from Cold to Hot

It is early May and the frosty weather is leaving finally but not without putting up a fight.

Today was quite nice but then the winds started blowing and blew away all of our plans for a fun afternoon.

I was going to play some volleyball but the two of us couldn’t play in the wind and then the two of us decided to play tunes on the stereo but it is also far too windy for that. So now what do I do? Maybe I’ll just grab a frosty cold beer or two and rest on the bench by the beach and chill out. I still run the central heat in the afternoons because it is truly frosty in our flat when I get up. I don’t like to fall asleep with the heat on at night so when I get up each afternoon it is quite freezing in the flat. I just had some heating repair done a few weeks ago and it only takes about 15 hours to sizzle up the flat now as opposed to like an hour that it took before to heat the place up. It should save myself and my roommate some money in heating costs so that should help cover the money I shelled out on the repairs. They entirely did it for a adequate price so I have nothing to complain about. I’ve given that local business a ton of work by referring people so they take care of myself and others when it is our turn to ask for some help. I was going to try and repair it by myself even though I opted for the easier solution and had them do it for me.


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