Going to Invite Friends Over for a Fireplace Party

It’s kind of like a bonfire party only you do it in the house with a fireplace.

I don’t have a large normal fireplace like you are thinking but more of a portable one. It uses this liquid get, which burns very clean, and it makes for a nice bonfire kind of feel without all of the hassle of having to chop wood. If you look on Amazon you can find them very cheap, around $45. I don’t use the fireplace for heat when it is cold out as I have a good HVAC system to handle that but more for the ambiance of fire and flames. Sometimes we take the portable unit up to the top of my building and have a little rooftop party with the fire. I’ve always had a fascination with fire ever since I was a little boy, so I really appreciate having this little portable gas fireplace. I didn’t tell my landlord about it because I am sure he would say no, but it really isn’t any more dangerous than cooking things on the stove. I’m sure more fires come from the kitchen than from other places in the home. I won’t be having the party until I get back from the states though because I am flying out early tomorrow morning. I am all ready for my trip and am hoping they have some heated rooms in the airport where I can escape that ice cold air conditioning. I think I will bring my winter coat, which is very old, and just toss it in the garbage when I land in the hot weather.

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