Turned on my Gas Fireplace for a Change

I usually just run my central heat to warm the house but today it isn’t that cold out so I decided to use the gas fireplace to add a little ambiance to this dreary gray day.

I like to watch the flames while I work to help me relax.

They give off a blue and orange hue and make for a good night when reading a book with my cat on my lap. I need to get my HVAC system tuned up soon for the summer because we are in April now and the weather is starting to shift to the warmer side. I think it is going down to about 55 F at night and last night I had to turn on the air conditioner with the thermostat set to 68 F to be able to sleep comfortably. I guess I will have to start doing that each night because it looks like the cold nights are slipping away. I’m leaving tomorrow for the states and need to remember to turn off my HVAC system or I will come home to a big power bill in a month. I’m actually gone for four weeks but like to have everything turned off in my flat here when I am gone, including the water. I don’t want to come home to a broken HVAC system because it was clogged up with too much dust, or a leaking water pipe for that matter. I think I will give the neighbors my keys so they can check on the place once in a while.


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