Tomorrow I Will be Flying Home After More Than two Years Away

It’s going to be strange going back to my hometown without my dad there anymore.

It will be especially sad when I visit my stepmother at the house they used to live in together.

I feel so sad for her and sad myself that I no longer have a dad, he didn’t make it that old. They have this huge five bedroom five bathroom house with two monster commercial air conditioners, which they hardly ever use because of the expense. I think the house is about 5000 square feet and it has some high ceilings in it so there is a lot of space to heat and cool. My dad always had the thermostat set to 80 F and it was always too hot for me in the house. Sometimes I would sneak over and turn the thermostat down to 76 F but when my dad noticed it he turned it back to 80 F. It was always a constant battle with the thermostat. One time, I took the number sticker off of a calculator I bought and put it over the thermostat screen so it looked like it was set to 80 F but in reality I had it on 70 F. That was a pretty funny moment when he finally figured out what I did. I’ll miss my dad when I go back but still have a ton of great memories with him in my mind. He was an HVAC rep and worked in the field for about 40 years selling HVAC units and air purifiers for both homes and businesses. I’ll always miss him.

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