Just Got Covid Test in An Ice Cold HVAC Room

I went and got my antigen test in another small city and it was about 60F in the place.

I think maybe they need to run the air conditioning so cold because of the testing conditions.

I don’t know exactly but wow was it cold in there. My hands were turning blue because I don’t have the best circulation and when the HVAC is blasting cold air out from a vent near me my hands just hurt. I’m soaking them in some warm water now to get them back to working condition so I can type faster. My fingers don’t work so well when they are numb and blue. Maybe I can turn on my radiant heater and put my hands near it to speed up the warming process. I could also just fill my tub up with hot water and soak in it for a while. I set the thermostat on the hot water heater to the hottest setting so that I can take hot baths without running out of warm water. I’m watching Bitcoin struggle right now at the 40K level and hoping it makes its way back up again soon so I can cash some out and buy a new tankless water heater because my unit seems to be leaking a bit now. I think it is about ten years old so it has done its job and is ready for the scrap yard. I may go visit the HVAC company to see what kind of water heating units they have. Maybe I can get a tankless one this time.


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