Meeting with the Heating & Cooling Provider Today

The two of us have someone from the HVAC company coming by this month to supply us a price for cleaning the ductwork & tuning up the HVAC plan in our house.

I was going to do it myself as I am a certified HVAC specialist but I am painting the whole outside of the beach house & just don’t have the time or energy to get into the HVAC service while I am here.

My stepmom also wants myself and others to do some painting work for her so I am going to be busy for several weeks with painting but I kind of like doing it so it will be fantastic with myself and others to stay busy while I am triping here in the states. If the quote is easily high for the HVAC repairs then I may do the task myself after I finish all of the paint work but we will see what he says when he comes out this afternoon. I assume that the company has been in supplier for a long time so they easily have even-handed prices for their labor. I assume I even went to school with the HVAC specialist’s parents so he will easily supply us the family discount once he knows who I am. This is the superb thing about growing up in this city, I assume almost half of the people living here & they tend to help out their friends a bit more. I could help him with the HVAC repairs if he needed it too, so that could also save us some money in the end.

HVAC technology