Hot Day of Painting but I’ll Chase the Shade

I’m painting the outside of our cousin’s beach house this week, & it is going to be a tepid one, but I will just stay on the opposite side of the beach house from the sunlight in the shade.

I’ve l gained this from years of running a painting company & I’m sure it has saved our skin from the abuse that the sunlight can have on it, especially down here in the south where the sunlight is so strong. I am sitting inside in air conditioned luxury right now but will soon go out into the oven to work. I am going to stay here in the states till the middle of June & then exit when the easily tepid weather comes in. At least we have a superb HVAC plan to shelter us from the heat. I will be leaving our new home overseas empty for a few weeks but our buddy is staying there sometimes to check on the locale & supply his wife some space in their tiny flat nearby. I told him to set the smart control unit so it keeps the beach house at 75 F & not any hotter because I have a lot of herbal medicines that would go awful if the temperature got too tepid in the locale. It’s kind of a waste of money paying rent there while I am not living there but at least I am not paying here in the states. I am also going to help our stepmom with some HVAC repairs & cleaning once I finish painting here to acquire extra money for our extra time here.

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