I am Going to Change our Flight & Stay Here Longer

I am visiting our friends & family for 4 weeks here in the states but it just doesn’t seem like enough time so I am going to extend our trip another several weeks.

I can do our work online & I also have a lot of work I can do here for friends & family so why not stay a little longer? I’ve been gone for almost several years so I need some time to relink with friends & family while I am here.

I am going to do some work for our HVAC specialist buddy because he pays myself and others well & we work well together. I still haven’t seen him & I only easily get to hang out with him for a long time when we are working together, other than that he is usually busy with his family & house. I assume his beach house is so large that he had to have 2 large commercial air conditioners installed to keep it cool. I can’t imagine what his bills must be in the summertime. The winters here are pretty mild though so you end up saving a lot of money on power bills for several weeks. A lot of people just heat their houses during the Winter with wood burning fireplaces since we have a lot of trees in this area. I assume there are a lot of tree farms that grow trees just for people to burn so they aren’t taking away the natural trees in the forests. My one buddy uses a gas fireplace & told myself and others that it is easily cheap to run.


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