It’s Nice Having Cold Air Blow on You When It’s so Hot Outside

I have a ceiling fan above myself and others whirling the freezing air around that the air conditioning is pumping into my dining room plus it feels so nice, especially when the outside temperature is hitting the 100 F mark.

The two of us are still in April however the rapidly changing temperatures are creeping up into the sizzling level plus I am cheerful to be working inside all day.

Tomorrow I have to crawl in the attic to repair some of the air duct tape that is coming off although I am going to do it early in the day when the attic is still somewhat cool. I’ve been in those attics in the Summer back when I was working for an HVAC company plus it was so sizzling that I almost passed out, so now I don’t go into attics unless the sunlight is gone. It gets way too sizzling during the day in the attic to be crawling around trying to repair things. I may even bring a small fan up there when I am taping the air duct to cool myself and others down. I should take a thermometer up there to measure the temperature during the hottest part of the day just to see how sizzling it gets in the attic. I bet it hits the 150 F mark at some point during the day. I need to see if my cousin has reasonable ventilation in her attic so it doesn’t affect the HVAC proposal from trying to cool down the house. If it is too sizzling then the attic acts as a gas furnace plus heats up the cool air in the ducts.
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