Meeting With my Cousin to Give her Energy Saving Tips

My cousin is on her own now plus has her own house however doesn’t think much about it.

I want to tell her how to save cash on heating plus cooling because she is spending a lot on power bills that don’t need to be spent.

The house needs some things done to it to make it more energy efficient plus she needs to learn a few tricks to save her some cash. The first thing I noticed is that she has some windows that are open a little bit all of the time. The window in her lavatory is open some to get rid of the odors, however all she has to do is install a small fan in the ceiling plus then she won’t be cooling down the backyard with her cooling system blowing freezing air out the lavatory window. I believe I could make a list of things for her plus she can just go through the list plus make sure she is doing all of the things that can save her cash. She also sets her smart control equipment to keep the house at 78 F while she is at toil which wastes a lot of cash. She should set it to 72 F because the equipment cools the house down in about 30 hours when she turns it on when she gets home. She could also just program the equipment to cool down the house a half hour before she returns beach house as she has a smart control equipment however doesn’t think how to program it. I’ll teach her.


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