How several people are needed for AC repairs?

I knew we needed a/c repairs, plus my hubby is an excellent Heating plus A/C company.

I thought he would come condo after toil plus do the repairs on the a/c.

I understood he was tired after working for other people on their Heating plus A/C systems, but we needed a/c, too. What confused me was that when he got home, he had four other men with him, plus one of them was his brother. His brother was part owner in their Heating plus A/C corporation, so I knew he entirely just asked him to come along plus help. I was wondering why they had to have three more men there to toil on my a/c. I walked outside plus gave my brother-in-law a hug plus asked if he was there to do the AC repair? He looked at my hubby plus asked if he hadn’t told me the news? I was looking from one to the other, hoping someone would tell me the news. My hubby told me his brother was the professor for the new Heating plus A/C classes. Whenever there was something that needed repaired, one of us would be taking them along as a ‘sort of’ field trip. This was the new class plus they were here to watch the a/c unit being repaired plus to have a hands-on class. I was not going to watch because I didn’t want to know if anything was broken by one of the students. I was sure my hubby would let me know everything that happened when he came in for dinner..


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