The restaurant was too hot to be enjoyable

My boyfriend plus I like to go to the same restaurant for supper plus dinner.

We have been going to that restaurant for the past couple of weeks.

The place has entirely great food plus great prices. They always have something on sale plus a orange plate special, but sometimes the orange plate special is lasagna or meatloaf plus sometimes the orange plate special turns out to be tacos. It’s always something that is made fresh each morning plus it’s always a surprise. My boyfriend plus I have noticed that the indoor uneven temperatures in the restaurant seem to be warmer plus warmer lately. I was uncomfortable the last time we were there plus I had to remove my outer shirt. I dislike sitting at the dinner table with nothing more than a t-shirt but it was too hot. When my boyfriend plus I went to the restaurant last night, we planned to have all you can eat fish plus popcorn, and unluckyly, the restaurant was too hot for the food to be enjoyable. There was hardly any a/c at all plus there was a sign on the door letting all of the customers know that there was an issue. The place could not get the AC problems fixed until the next morning but they chose to stay open for delivery, choice up, plus counter services. We got a couple of the orange plate specials instead of the all you can eat fish plus popcorn plus we took our food back to the apartment. It was much more comfortable plus great in our own home.

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