Our ductless HVAC will wait another two years. (well, roof, pump, truck)

For the last two years, we had been diligently saving so we could have ductless HVAC put in our house this year.

  • We no longer wanted to deal with window air conditioning units.

My husband was having back problems, and he wouldn’t let me lift the AC units on my own. Since we were soon going to be seventy, he wanted to make our lives easier and get ductless mini split HVAC for our home. Eight months ago, we had to have a new well pump put in the house. Our well is over 300 feet deep, and that bill was over $1700. Two months ago, there was a storm went through that ripped half our roof off. They couldn’t just do repairs, and we needed a new roof and skylight that cost us over $16,000. Now, our two year old truck, that has less than 20,000 miles on it, has been giving us some major problems. The dealer gave us an estimate of $3000 because it is all in the computer system. My husband was upset and told me our ductless HVAC will need to wait another two years. I wasn’t happy with this decision. I knew we had already put out nearly $20,000 in the last eight months, but we needed a new heating system. It was going to cost us almost $8000. If we were going to put out that much money for a furnace, why not add another $3000 and have a ductless mini split HVAC installed? He didn’t answer me, but I knew he was thinking about it.

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