I didn't stay long at the beach

My friends like to go to the beach, but I always get too hot and I stay too long.

I never know when it’s time to get up and leave, because I get hot really quickly.

I tried to apply lots of sunscreen so I don’t burn. I put sunscreen on my legs, arms, neck, face, and sometimes even on my nose. I know it looks totally dorky, but it keeps my nose from getting sunburned and peeling. My friends invited me to go to the beach on saturday. I told them that I wasn’t going to stay very long. I had to go back to my apartment, because the maintenance supervisor wanted to look at the air conditioner and the guy was scheduled to be at my apartment at 3:00 p.m. When my friends and I got to the beach it was 9:30. We went to the water, set up all of our things, and I took a walk. When I got back from taking a walk, I swam in the ocean for 15 or 20 minutes. By then I was hot and ready to go. My friends were bummed out that I didn’t stay longer, but I reminded them that the air conditioner needed to be repaired. I got home 30 minutes before the maintenance Supervisor was scheduled to arrive. The guy didn’t show up until almost 5:00. I could have stayed longer at the beach, but I really wanted to go back to my apartment. I didn’t mind that the maintenance guy was late either, but I wish he would have called to tell me that it would be five instead of three.

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