Installing a hydronic boiler for our forever home

My best friend and I would frequently include radiant floors on the wish list for our ideal home. We were dating at the time, but we both agreed on this aspect of heating. It appeared simple to purchase a hydronic boiler from a heating company and have a Heating and Air Conditioning technician install it. Simple. Or so my friend and I believed. My friend and I went to a heating dealership to acquire the boiler type we desired and to learn how it operated. Nevertheless, the heat plus AC product expert suggested that my friend and I consider a heat pump or hybrid heating system as a backup, given that my friend and I primarily desired hydronic heating for floor warming. The alternatives sounded preferable to a boiler because I had a negative experience with boiler repair, and because my husband was opposed to a furnace. When my friend and I factored in the backup options, the furnace/heater upgrade cost increased. Consequently, my friend and I had to ask the Heating and Air Conditioning repair and upgrade specialist if there were ways to make the upgrade more affordable. This is how my friend and I ended up with a hydronic system that heats the floors in certain areas of the loft and wall radiators to keep the remaining areas warm. We haven’t had any heating repair issues so far, but the novelty has begun to wear off, and I can’t wait to replace this system once it begins to require maintenance. Currently, the only benefit is that I do not have to worry about my children getting cold while playing on the floor, as they are typically warm. By the time my friend and I plan to make the switch, they will be mature and easier to keep warm.

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