It Feels so Good to Be Home I May Stay Even Longer

I had been overseas for over more than one years without seeing our family, as well as as I sat home with the flu, I decided that I had enough of it as well as booked a ticket home.

It was a great decision because I am having so much fun seeing everyone that I guess I may extend our visit another month if I can find a way to make some extra currency to cover the difference.

I guess I can option up a few painting tasks from our family so it shouldn’t be a concern that I have to buy another ticket back. My Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C tech buddy told myself and others she may have some air conditioning installation tasks that she may need help with next month so that would be perfect for myself and others as I still have about a month of painting toil to do. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day because both of us are planning on going to a pro beach volleyball tournament to watch our friend’s child play in it, who happens to be one of the best ballers in this whole city. I was going to toil on the heat pump at our cousin’s house because it needs to be replaced however I guess that enjoying the tournament is a better idea because it is tepid out as well as the heat pump can wait a bit. All of us may play a little volleyball in the day first before both of us go watch the tournament because both of us are ballers ourselves as well as love to get out there as well as show what both of us can still do after 30 years of playing.

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