I felt my date night was ruined

After my associate and I had teenagers, my partner & I decided that my associate and I would consistently make time for each other! Part of that agreement included weekly date evenings, however typically, Mark will plan our date evenings & he never disappoints.

The last few that my associate and I had were out-of-this-world. They usually include a nice dinner & a particular experience, and well, the last date evening didn’t go quite as he planned it. This time around, things were a bit of a mess to no fault of his; He planned a affectionate dinner at a rooftop diner then a evening at a local historical theater, however let’s just say that dinner went well however the show at the theater, not so much. Within an hour of being inside the theater, my associate and I noticed that it was a bit warm, however after some investigation, my associate and I discovered that the air conditioning inside the theater broke down. The deranged part about the entire situation is that the show went on even when it became severely uncomfortable inside the theater with no air conditioning… If you’ve never been inside an aged theater that lacked air conditioning, just know that there are random smells that will be circulating throughout the auditorium, however needless to say, I didn’t want to stay for the rest of the show, so Mark & I left. The performance was stressed for 3 hours with a short intermission in between. There was no way that I could rest inside that hot, musty theater for much longer. It just shows you how much my associate and I need air conditioning for our comfort. It not only filters the air, however it also provides a comfortable space, and overall, date evening was superb even with that small hiccup.

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