The portable air purifier was noisy

I have a portable air purification system that is very noisy. I have kind of gotten used to it. But when I first got it and was trying to sleep it would keep me awake because it was so loud. But it did clean the indoor air quality of my home all together. It was able to do its job which was the good thing about it. Having good air quality in your bedroom or anywhere else in your home is a very important fact. So of course because of that I made myself get used to having the noise from the portable air purification system. Others have told me the same thing about their portable air purification systems. Especially when you have to have the portable air purification system on the highest setting. It is something that just has to be done if you have very bad air quality going on in your home and you do not have or can not afford a whole home air purification system. Portable air purification systems could use some work in the technology side of things to not make them so darn noisy. But this is just the way it is for now and there is nothing you nor I can do about it really. It is just something that we all have to deal with if we want and need the portable air purification systems to clean the indoor air quality within our homes. Such is life and such is the portable air purification systems in the world.
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