The summer time without good air conditioning

Last summer time was the absolute worst summer time I’ve ever experienced in our entire life.

I made so many mistakes and I’m looking back at it.

I do not think how I didn’t think any better but I think better now. I guess there is a reason you learn from your mistakes. So what happened to me last summer? Well mistake number 1 was that I went to the beach without wearing any sunscreen. This 1 has been a giant deal if it wasn’t bright and sunny out but it was bright and sunny out. I stayed out in the sun way too long. I got a truly terrible sunburn that lasted various weeks before it finally ran away. Those are the worst 3 weeks of our life, as if having warm skin from being burned wasn’t terrible enough, I also had our air cooler system break down while I was in that same stage of time. I had forgotten to have our A/C unit tuned up and diagnosed by the cooling professionals and I was actually paying the price for it. Because now I had a broken air conditioning and our current home abruptly started heating up. So not only was I entirely warm from the burn, but then I was extra warm from the heat and a half. It.Was .Horrible. As soon as I realized that I was definitely having complications with our heating and A/C system, that is when I called to have our heating and A/C appointment scheduled, but more terrible news hit me and I enjoyed a ton of bricks. The heating and air conditioning dealers were all booked up and our next appointment would be 2 weeks out. I could not guess that this was our awful life. I had to have air conditioning and fast or I would not make it. I do not mean I would entirely die but I mean I could not survive being this uncomfortable. I surrendered to our pain and burning warm body and offered all the cash I had to buy a ductless mini cut air conditioning and that got me through until I could get our own central A/C system fixed.

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