I decided to take the kids to the community pool

My husband and I have been together for a couple of years.

He has two children from a previous marriage.

Sometimes I had to take care of their children on the weekend when it’s time for my husband to have the kids. He often has to work and we never know when he will be out of town. I’ve had the kids a couple of times and I have some rules that I am supposed to follow according to my husband’s ex-wife. I’m not supposed to take the children anywhere at all. If I am alone with the kids, I am supposed to stay at the house. It’s a stupid rule, but my husband and I have been doing our best not to cause any trouble or make waves. Right now things have been pretty decent. When I had the kids over the weekend, it was extremely hot and humid. The kids didn’t want to be in the house, especially after the AC unit broke down. I called the AC repair service, but they were busy until the afternoon. The kids and I were miserable, so I decided to take them to the community pool. We came back from the pool before the AC repair service guy arrived. Later that afternoon, the kid’s mom arrived to pick them up a day early. Someone called her to report that I had taken the kids to the pool which is against the rules. The kids didn’t want to go with her and that was the first time that they have ever acted like they like me.



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