Are you aware that a ceiling fan could save you currency on your energy bill? According to the experts, if you use a ceiling fan and your HVAC unit, you can lower the temperature on the temperature control by up to 4 degrees without sacrificing any comfort. So, not only are ceiling fans cute, but they can also put money in your pocket. Elijah uses a ceiling fan when he goes to bed, and he can confirm that since he has been using the fan, he can sleep comfortably with his temperature control set to 70 degrees. Prior to getting his ceiling fan installed, Elijah slept with the temperature control set to 67 degrees. And yes, he is stoked to confirm that he has seen a drastic change on his energy bill. Elijah actually wishes he could stop using his HVAC equipment and rely solely on the ceiling fan. Since he doesn't live in a state where the weather is often pleasant outside, a ceiling fan by itself can’t supply the needed comfort. In fact, ceiling fans lead to heat inside the apartment by pushing the sizzling air from the top of the room to the bottom. So, unless these savvy manufacturers can figure out a way for fans to supply the same level of cooling as an HVAC system, they can only be used in addition with the HVAC system for added comfort. Elijah will use a ceiling fan, not only are they cute and add value to a room, but they also lower the amount of his energy bill, which is a clear win.

It will also extend the life of the heating and AC unit

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