Today is Going to Be a Quiet Reflective Day for Me

I’m pretty wiped out from the party last night but feeling good about life. It’s easy to think of how bad some things are in certain areas of your life and put yourself in a bad mood but I am tired of feeling that way so I like to focus on the good areas of my life and how grateful I am for them. I am in good health and have lots of family and friends around me so those are some pretty good things to be grateful for. I have money in the bank and an HVAC job at the local business which pays my bills. You always hear people say “count your blessings”, and it’s easy to write it off as another cliche, but if you really think about the good things in your life it just makes you feel a little more satisfied with how your life is going. I like working for the HVAC company because they let me work part time which gives me a lot of freedom in my days to do the things that I like to do. Today I will work for them for a couple of hours and then I am going to come back and work on scraping and priming the soffit at my cousin’s house where I am staying. The local business where I do the HVAC work is only a few minutes away by car so I am not blowing a bunch of money on gas each day as the price of gas is over $4 a gallon.

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