Cooling off after some heated games

I just played a few games of ball on the beach, and today is my third day in a row of playing, something that I told myself I wouldn’t do this year.

But it is tough to say no to a game, so now I am icing my knees while I write some stories.

I will take a break at home for a couple of hours until the sun goes down some, and then I’ll head out to the beach to catch the sunset with a friend on the bench by the beach. The sun sets around 7pm and air conditioning is a must now during the day time as the temps push 90F already in the middle of March. It looks like summer will arrive early and it will probably be a really hot summer, like all of the other ones. It is nice to have a central climate control system in my flat, as my last one didn’t have any and we had to tote space heaters from room to room to stay warm during the cold winters. It is a lot nicer now, and although I have to pay a bit more for my living conditions it is well worth the extra $200 a month. I used to dream about a/c in my bedroom at night when I tried to sleep during the hot summer nights. I had two little fans that tried to keep me cool, but they just ended up blowing hot air on my body all night. Now, my air conditioning really keeps the whole home cool and I sleep a lot better now.

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