It’s very important to have access to good air quality

Today is a simple day for me when it comes to my work.

  • It is Sunday plus I am going to finish this story plus then head out to see what is happening on the coast.

It is the middle of May plus the temps are finally shifting to the warmer side of the thermometer, which is a welcome thing, especially after the long plus frosty winter season my pal and I just had. This neighborhood has been empty for such a long while plus I am ready to see some new energy enter here plus wake us all up from our winter season hibernation. I slept a lot plus my air cleaner certainly kept the air quality fine in this residence this winter, especially with all of the dampness my pal and I have had from the lack of sun plus all of the poor weather. I will get my work done today plus then spend the rest of the day in quietness, so that I can rest up for tonight when my good pal and I do our gig at this substantial bar in another town. The arena has pretty good climate control, which is fine because they allow smoking in the arena. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fine air purifying system in the club my pal and I would easily get smoked out from all of the cigarettes people smoke regularly in there. I am not a smoker in the least, so when others are smoking it easily messes up my lungs plus affects my singing capabilities overall. They have a substantial Heating and Air Conditioning machine directly beside the stage with a substantial HEPA filter to pull in all of that nasty smoke that is floating around. It should be a pretty thrilling evening.

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