The Local Business is Selling HEPA Filters for Cheap

I think they may be going out of business or maybe just trying to clear the stock for new items but this local business is selling HEPA filters for almost nothing so we are going to grab a few for my cousin.

Right now she just has the cheap filters so this will make a big difference for the air in her house.

We may even buy a whole home air purifier because she has a dog and there is a lot of hair in the place and I am sure a lot of dander, causing allergies for everyone here. I think we can get a unit fairly cheap at the place going out of business if we get down there soon enough. There are going to be many people there today so we should go just after they open to get the best deals before they sell out. I am happy to help her while I am here because she is letting me stay with her for free and she is also my favorite cousin. I would like to get some new vent covers because hers are really dirty and I don’t think we will be able to clean them well enough. I need to get some tape so we can repair some of the holes in her ductwork, which is located in the attic which is about 120 F right now. That is going to be a fun time up there I bet. Maybe I should wait until night time before working on the ductwork or I may pass out.

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