Repair for car’s heating and cooling

I had one heck of a time the other afternoon when going to work in cold temperatures. The furnace in our automobile was not working! It just sort of came out of nowhere. The afternoon before the furnace was working fine. But then that afternoon when I went to turn it on for the drive to work the furnace was not. I had to deal with this on the way to work and on the way home. Then once I got home I called our local auto mechanic to make an appointment to repair the car’s heating and air conditioner system. They were able to get me in the next afternoon. I was actually thankful that it was a weekend and that I did not have to go another afternoon with non working heating in our car! The drive to work isn’t super long, maybe about 10 minutes. But when it is freezing cold that 10 minutes can seem like a lifetime with no heater! Thankfully now I have a fully working heating and air conditioner in our car. But man oh man let me tell you that it was a real hassle just that one afternoon with no heating in our automobile with as frigid as it has been. But it could have been worse. There could have been no air conditioner in the super hot summer months of the year. I would rather have no heating than no air conditioner. Because having no air conditioner would mean it was hot out, and I do not care for the heat more than the cold, so I consider it a blessing in a way the time of the year this happened.



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