Air purifiers are expensive

I feel so privileged to live in the area in which I do.

The temperature and the air quality are so great evening and day throughout nearly the entire year! About the only time I deal with any kind of bad air quality around here is during the summer time weeks of the year when the trees and pollen start going nuts when it is super warm out.

And at that time I just run a few portable whole-home air purifiers in our home which helps keep the bad air quality out. But other times of the year the air quality is perfect twenty four hours a day and I do not need any kind of air purification plan running. This is genuinely a lucky thing. Because the cost of whole home air purifiers is ridiculous. I would never be able to afford such a thing in my home because of how costly they are. I would not know what to do if we had bad air quality the majority of the time in our local area. I would most likely just transport to another city to be honest. Because air quality is in fact the quality of life. I need nice air quality around me all the time in order to function because of our dust sensitivities. So without nice air quality, I am pretty much in a bad spot. But I do not have to worry about that because we have the utmost charming air quality around in the entire state that I live in!
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