Take pictures of the various parts of your HVAC system right before renting a home!

When I moved into my new rental home, I was very excited about being able to get my own space away from my family. I desperately needed to get that sense of independence and freedom. I was only 20 years old, and I had never been out on my own. Unfortunately, this came with some lack of experience. For example, I wish someone would have told me to take pictures of every part of my heating and air conditioning system before I started renting. I knew that it was my job to change out the air filters whenever the one in use got too dirty. I was also sent a video from my landlord on how to unclog the drain pan should that ever be an issue. However, despite me doing all these things, there seemed to be some major issues with my HVAC system that I don’t feel I should have been responsible for. For one thing, there came a point in the summer when the air conditioner was blowing and blowing and it wasn’t getting any cooler. I told the landlord and she sent out an HVAC technician to take a look. There were extensive repairs that needed to be done, and the landlord basically scolded me for not taking care of it sooner. She seemed to be of the opinion that it was entirely my fault, but she only ever instructed me to change out the air filters and pour a solution into a pipe to clean one part. Then I found out that the HVAC system was actually very old! I should have taken pictures to show that the HVAC system was in a poor state long before I ever got there!

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